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  • DAVIES Aquawood is a high performance waterborne 100% acrylic clear varnish designed for use on wood surfaces such as doors, floors, trim, furniture, cabinets, and panelling. It's proprietary self-crosslinking highlighting the color, warmth, and grain definition for both dark and light woods.  
  • E-Z Coat Marine Quick Dry Enamel is a general purpose alkyd-based paint ideal for all types of wood and metal surfaces. It dries rapidly to a high-gloss film with good color retention and durability. It can be used for exterior and interior application of inter-island vessels, pleasure crafts, bancas, fishing vessels and even equipments and structures located near the sea.
  • MONDO™ ACRYLIC SKIMCOAT (SK-3) is a one component ready to use acrylic skimcoat paste. It is easy to apply, eliminates minor masonry surface imperfections and produces a smooth durable surface base for paints. It can be applied in both exterior and interior walls and ceilings while maintaining good elasticity.
  • COAT SAVER® SOLO™ Powder CS-K1 Superfine is a specially formulated free-flowing white powder to be mixed with water and form a paste to fill up cracks and achieve smooth and even concrete surfaces. It is resistant to hairline cracks and exhibits excellent adhesion making it ideal as finishing plaster for concrete walls. It is also sag resistant perfect for ceiling, beams and other overhead applications COAT SAVER® SOLO™ Powder CS-K1 Superfine is convenient to prepare just add water. COAT SAVER® SOLO™ Powder CS-K1 Superfine is fast and easy to apply with longer open time for good workability and coverage  
  • MONDO™ AQUA DRY is a breakthrough high build water-based elastomeric waterproofing coating that dries to form a thick elastic seamless film that protects concrete walls, roofs and decks against water penetration. It is recommended for Exterior walls, roofs, roof deck, gutter connection and most substrates that requires protection against water penetration. It can be applied on various substrates such as concrete, asbestos, fiber cement board, properly primed metal and wood.  
  • Mondo Seal™ Hybrid Sealant™ is a flexible paintable elastomeric expansion joint sealant for construction. It is suitable for sealing a variety of different substrates like concrete, wood, aluminum composite and glass. It cures at room temperature in the presence of atmospheric moisture to give a permanent flexible elastomeric rubber. It is ideal for external and internal stress-relieving bonding and fixation  
  • Mondo Seal™ Weather Seal™ is a premium 100% silicone sealant for exterior and interior use. It is specially formulated for construction sealing requirements.
  • Mondo Seal™ Sanitary™ is a premium 100% silicone sealant for exterior and interior use. It is specially formulated to resist growth of mildew and fungus, making it ideal for areas frequently exposed to moisture, such as kitchen, bathroom, etc.