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    DAVIESĀ® Speedglaze Lacquer Putty is formulated to cover or fill wood and metal surface imperfections such as crevices, joints, dents, and nail holes. It applies smoothly, dries fast, and can be easily sanded with excellent adhesion to the primer coat and to the finish coat.
  • Davies Home Buddy is a super strength Polyester Body Filler, which is ideal for repairing surface imperfections on most substrates like metal, concrete, aluminum, wood, gypsum, fiber cement wall, plaster, and fiberglass. Its high-build formulation gives a very good anti-shrinking property. It has excellent adhesion and cures to a tack-free state in just a few minutes.  
  • DAVIES SPEEDPRIME LACQUER PRIMER SURFACER is a fast drying undercoat based on a nitrocellulose-alkyd resin recommended for wood and metal surfaces. It provides a firm foundation for the succeding Lacquer Topcoat ensuring excellent intercoat adhesion. It is easy to apply and dries to a smooth film with very good holdout property.