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  • Mortaflex Cement Modifier DAVIES ® MORTAFLEX ® is a modified acrylic water-based polymer developed to improve the performance of cement mortar or concrete. The resulting cement compound exhibits excellent adhesion, water resistance and mechanical strength not found in ordinary cement-water mixture. DAVIES ® MORTAFLEX ® transforms cement into a tough but flexible coating perfect for waterproofing. It is highly resistant to water penetration on landscape flat decks and wind driven rain on exterior walls.  
  • DAVIES® SuperDry™ is an advanced high-performance mastic waterproofing membrane providing utmost protection from water ingress and damage. Its Water Lock technology imparts a continuous low water absorption over a long time able to withstand positive and negative high water pressure. It offers the optimum balance of flexibility for outstanding crack bridging ability and tensile strength for weather and chemical resistance.
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    MONDO™ PLEXI-TITE™ is a water-based acrylic polymer specially formulated to be blended with portland or pozzolan cement. The resulting polymer-cement compound, when applied properly, results in a tough but flexible membrane capable to bridge hairline cracks. It possesses an excellent waterproofing barrier for concrete surfaces, with superior adhesion, mechanical, and flexibility properties.  
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    Waterproofing Cement Mondo Aqua Lock is a cementitious polymer-modified mortar, which forms a dense seamless flexible water barrier when mixed with water and is suitable for interior and exterior applications. It provides optimum adhesion on various substrates with high mechanical resistance such as abrasion and flexibility. MONDO AQUA LOCK special composition cures to a smooth membrane with extensive and lasting waterproofing property significantly eliminating water absorption on the positive water pressure side of a structure.  
  • Mondo Flex-It is a two-component cementitious waterproofing system designed to offer a perfect balance of performance features and mechanical properties. It imparts excellent substrate adhesion, high flexibility and elongation capable to bridge fine cracks in interior and exterior applications. Mondo Flex-It is supplied in a pre-packaged form with 2.5 liters Part A solution and 4.00 kg Part B cement. When mixed together with a slow-speed drill, the resulting fluid mix can be easily applied guaranteeing outstanding waterproofing properties.
  • MONDO™ AQUA DRY is a breakthrough high build water-based elastomeric waterproofing coating that dries to form a thick elastic seamless film that protects concrete walls, roofs and decks against water penetration. It is recommended for Exterior walls, roofs, roof deck, gutter connection and most substrates that requires protection against water penetration. It can be applied on various substrates such as concrete, asbestos, fiber cement board, properly primed metal and wood.