Is an ultra premium exterior paint which embodies the latest in coating innovation. Infused with an advanced100% Acrylic UV Cross-Linking Technology (CLT3) , Davies Fusion gives superior protection to any buildingstructure.

In order to stay clean, ordinary paints need to dry to a hard finish to resist airborne dirt build-up. However,hard paint finishes are prone to hairline cracking caused by unavoidable slight structural movement. Hairlinecracks can be avoided by using soft elastomeric paints, which easily allow dirt to be embedded on to itssurface. In a short period of time, a soft paint finish will look extremely dirty!Davies Fusion has achieved what other ordinary paints have not been able to deliver by fusing together bothexcellent dirt pick-up resistance and flexibilityin one paint!Harnessing the UV rays from the sun, the advanced cross-linking technology in Davies Fusion transforms’ itssurface into a tough and durable finish. Walls painted with Davies Fusion will be impervious to moisture and extremely resistant to airborne stains and dirt, keeping it waterproof, cleaner and more beautiful, unlikeordinary paints. Beneath the surface of Davies Fusion is a flexible film that enables it to bridge hairlinecracks.