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Davies Oil Woodstain

Davies Oil Woodstain

It brings out the natural beauty of wood. When clear coated with Davies Varnishes, Davies Oil Wood Stain highlight wood grains, add freshness and color and offer protection to interior paneling, furniture, doors, cabinets and other wood work.
Oil Based

Color Range
: 20-40 Maple 20-90 Brown Mahogany
: 20-41 Oak 20-91 Walnut
: 20-42 Dark Oak

Density, K/L @ 28°C,:
0.90 ± 0.03 K/L

Practical Coverage:
20-25 m²/4 liter/coat

Drying Time:
Allow overnight drying before re-coating.

Pack Sizes:
4 liter can

Shelf Life:
One year when stored in dry and cool conditions
Apply by brush or rubbing with a rag soak in stain

Mixing Direction:
Stir well before use

Use as is.

Davies 40 Paint Thinner

Surface Preparation

As a general rule all wood surfaces to be stained should be smooth. Rough sections tend to absorb excessive material giving an uneven appearance. If a lighter and more even wood color shade is desired, treat wood with Davies Wood Bleach 1 & 2.

Painting System

First Coat  : Davies 25 Paste Wood Filler
Second Coat : Davies Oil Woodstain
Third Coat : Davies 701 Hi-Solids Sanding Sealer
Finish Coat : Davies Hi- Solids Lacquer or other Clear Varnishes
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