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Single Component Polyurethane Wood Varnish
A Single Component Polyurethane Coating which when applied, chemically reacts with atmospheric moisture to form an extremely tough chemical and mechanical resistant clear film. It is recommended for wood parquet floors and heavy duty furnitures for home and office.


Single Component - no catalyst needed.
Easy to apply.
Best for wooden surfaces such as parquet floors and furnitures.
Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance.
Easy to maintain.
Polyurethane Based


Color Range:

Density, K/L @ 28°C,:
0.97 ± 0.03 K/L

Gloss @ 60°:
85 ~ 95

Practical Coverage:
Sealer Coat 10 - 20 m2 /4 Liters, Topcoat 20 - 25 m2 /4 liter/coat

Drying Time @ 28°C:
Surface Dry : Approximate 1 - 2 hours,
Painting Interval : 1 hour minimum

Pack Sizes:
4 liter and 1 liter cans.

Shelf Life:
One year when stored in dry cool condition.
1. Ideal painting condition should be 65-95% Relative Humidity.
2. For intermediate and topcoat, use direct from the can.
3. Once opened, it is best to consume all materials.
4. Diamante Polyurethane Wood Varnish fully cures and is ready for traffic after 7 days.
5. Use pure bristle brush or air spray when applying.

Add 1 to 2 liters of Diamante Polyurethane Reducer per 4 liters of Diamante as sealer coat. Use as is for intermediate and final coat.

Thinning / Cleaning:
Diamante DM-72 Polyurethane Reducer

Painting System

1 Apply a sealer coat by adding 1-2 liters of Diamante DM-72 Polyurethane Reducer for every gallon of Diamante DM-1. Let dry for 1-2 hours, then sand with grit # 220 sandpaper.

2 Fill in all cracks and other minor irregularities with Davies 77 Lax-Tite Wood Dough.

3 Apply intermediate coat Diamante DM-1. Let dry for 1-2 hours. Then sand with grit # 400 sandpaper.

4 Finish with 2-3 coats of Diamante DM-1 as necessary

Based on the above system, 1 square meter / 0.75 - 1.0 liter of Diamante Polyurethane Wood Varnish depending on wood porosity.
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