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Davies Chlorinated Rubber-Based Reflectorized Traffic Paint

Davies Chlorinated Rubber-Based Reflectorized Traffic Paint

A premium quality traffic paint based on Chlorinated Rubber resin. It is easy to apply, fast drying with good visibility and durability. It gives long lasting traffic lines which are resistant to alkaline substrates


Road marking for asphalt and concrete surfaces.
Chlorinated Rubber Based


Color Range            
: 42-00 White
: 42-40 Yellow
: 42-60 Black

Density, K/L @ 28°C,:
1.40 - 1.50 K/L

Film Thickness (Approximately)
Wet Film (WFT) : 88 microns ~ 122 microns per coat
Dry Film (DFT)  : 40 microns ~ 55 microns per coat

Practical Coverage:
20-25m²/4 liter/coat

Drying Time:
Set to touch in 10 minutes. Dries for traffic in 24 hours.

Pack Sizes:
4 liter can

Shelf Life:
One year when stored in dry and cool conditions
Apply by brush or spray

Painting System

1 Surface to be painted must be clean and dry from oil, grease, dust, dirt, loose materials and other contaminants.

2 Remove dirt, dust, loose or excess grit or mortar with stif brush and clean surface with high pressure water hosing.   
New Asphalt or Concrete

Apply 2 coats of Davies CRB Reflectorized Traffic Paint.
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