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Davies Mildewcide Wash Solution

Davies Mildewcide Wash Solution

A pre-treatment solution for surfaces subject to mildew growth


Destroy molds and mildews on new and previously painted surfaces.
Yellowish Solution

Density, K/L @ 28°C,:
1.00 ± 0.03 K/L

Pack Sizes:
Plastic gallon, quart and pint containers.

Shelf Life:
One year when stored in dry and cool conditions.

Wash the surface with Davies Mildewcide Wash Solution diluted with water. Scrub the surface well with a stiff brush.
Rinse thoroughly with clean water, preferably with a hose. Allow 48 hours drying before re-painting. However, it should be painted as soon as it is sufficiently dry in order to prevent the growth of new mildew on the surface.

Reduce with equal volume of water. For badly mildewed conditions, double the amount of solution.

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