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Davies Sun and Rain Buena Mano

Davies Sun and Rain Buena Mano

High-Hiding Undercoat Primer
Davies Sun & Rain Buena Mano is a preparatory coating formulated with excellent hiding characteristics. It forms a binding layer better prepared to receive and ensure a good topcoat finish with enhanced color, sheen, and uniformity. Buena Mano provides a sealed, bonded and stable surface for better surface protection and adhesion. It is the recommended undercoat when painting light topcoat colors over an existing dark color.


Davies Buena Mano can easily cover dark colored surfaces in just one coat!

For masonry surfaces such as concrete, plaster and flexi board.
 Modified Acrylic Emulsion



Dry Film Thickness (Approximately)
Wet Film (WFT)  : 93 microns ~ 133 microns per coat
Dry Film (DFT)  : 28 microns ~ 40 microns per coat

Practical Coverage :
20 - 25 m²/4L per coat depending on the porosity of the surface

Painting Interval:
2 - 4 hours, dries in 1 hour


 If necessary, reduce with not more than ¼ liter of water per 4 liters of paint.

Brush / Roller / Airless Spray

Shelf Life:
One year when stored in dry and cool conditions

16-liter & 4-liter cans
Apply by brush, roller or spray

Mixing Direction:
Stir well before use

If necessary, reduce with not more than ¼ liter of water per 4 liters of paint.

Thinning / Cleaning:

Painting Schedule

1 Apply one coat of Davies Buena Mano. Let dry for 1 to 2 hours
2 Finish with two coats of desired Latex Topcoat finish
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