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Davies Eposeal

Davies Eposeal

Epoxy Sealer
A two-pack epoxy based paint for use as a sealing material on very porous concrete floors to improve adhesion of succeeding coats.


Gives a uniform finish on succeeding coats.
Permeates well even the finest pores on the concrete.
Easy to apply.
Epoxy / Polyamide

Clear glossy film

Density, K/L @ 28°C,:
0.91 ± 0.03 K/L

Practical Coverage:
20-25 m2/4 liter/coat

Pot Life @ 280C:
8-16 hours

Painting Interval:
 5-24 hours

Pack Sizes:
4 liter can set

Shelf Life:
One year when stored in dry and cool conditions.
By brush, roller or spray

Mixing Direction:
Mix as supplied in the ratio of 3 parts by volume Davies EPS - 050 Eposeal-Epoxy Penetrating Sealer to 1 part by volume Davies Eposeal Hardener. Mix well until mixture is homogenous.

Use as is

Induction Time:
10 -15 minutes

Pot Life @ 280C:
8 -16 hours

Thinning / Cleaning:
Davies 95 Epoxy Reducer

Painting System

Primer : Davies EPS-050 Eposeal
Finish : Davies Powerfloor or Davies Suprafloor
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