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Davies Epoxy Enamel

Davies Epoxy Enamel

A two-component epoxy coating especially formulated for industry, building and marine applications. It exhibits excellent resistance to acid solutions, brine and other chemicals. It has good solvent resistance, good protection from corrosion, good adhesion over suitable primers.


As a topcoat for steel, aluminum, galvanized iron, wood and concrete.
Epoxy / Polyamide


Color Range
: 90-00 White, Also available in 15 ready mix basic colors
: 90-420 Azure Blue 90-623 Internatioal Orange 90-652 Nile Green
: 90-428 Ultramarine Blue 90-624 Rescue Orange 90-658 Emerald Green
: 90-429 Sea Blue 90-Signal Red 90-661 Lemon Yellow
: 90-464 Light Gray 90-426 International Red 90-662 Caterpollar Yellow
: 90-465 Battleship Gray 90-651 Signal Green 90-956 Ivory

Density, K/L @ 28°C, :
1.13 ± 0.03 K/L

Gloss @ 60°:
 85 ~ 95°

Dry Film Thickness (Approximately)
Wet Film (WFT):107 microns ~ 143 microns per coat
Dry Film (DFT):45 microns ~ 60 microns per coat

Practical Coverage        : 20-25m² /4 liter/coat

Painting Interval:
4 hours

Pack Sizes:
4 liter and 1 liter can set
Apply by brush, roller or spray

Mixing Direction:  
Mix 3 part by volume DAVIES Epoxy Enamel Base to 1 part by volume Davies Epoxy Enamel Catalyst. Allow 10 minutes induction time before application.

Pot Life @ 280C:
8 - 16 hours

Use as is. For spray application, reduce with 1 liter of DAVIES 95 Epoxy Reducer per

Thinning / Cleaning:
Davies 95 Epoxy Reducer

Painting System

Metal, Ferrous
Primer             : DAVIES Epoxy Primer
Finish             : DAVIES Epoxy Enamel (2 coats)

Metal, Non Ferrous

Pre-treat         : DAVIES 900 Vinyl Wash Primer
Primer             : DAVIES 92-42 Zinc Phosphate Yellow
Finish            : DAVIES Epoxy Enamel (2 coats)

Primer             : DAVIES Eposeal Epoxy Penetrating Sealer
Finish             : DAVIES Epoxy Enamel (2 coats)

Primer             : DAVIES Epoxy Primer White
Finish             : DAVIES Epoxy Enamel (2 coats)
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