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Davies Mondo Skimcoat 2K

Davies Mondo Skimcoat 2K

Masonry Rendering Paste
Mondo Skimcoat is a specially formulated rendering paste that can easily be mixed with cement to fill up cracks to achieve smooth and even concrete surfaces. It is resistant to hairline cracks and exhibits excellent adhesion making it ideal as a finishing plaster for concrete walls, It is sag resistant, perfect for ceiling, beams and other overhead application.

Mondo Skimcoat is fast and easy to apply with longer open time for good workability and coverage.
100% Acrylic Emulsion

Specific Gravity:
1.40 ± 0.05k/l (Pure Paste)

Practical Coverage:
Approximately 1sq m/liter @ 2mm thickness (with cement mixture)

16-L can

Thinner / Clean-up:


• Temperature range for use 5C to 40C

• Immediately clean tools with water before product dries

• In hot water conditions, protect the finish surface from drying out by lightly misting the surface.

• Do not immerse the product.

• Store in cool & dry place

• Immediately close tightly the lid of the container when not in use.

• Lasts up to 12 months in unopened original container.
Surface Preparation:

• Ensure that the surface is structurally sound and free of dust, oils, laitance, paint, curing compound, algae and mildew.

• Scrape off loose material and dust with a wire brush.

• Remove algae and mildew with an appropriate cleaner and wash with soap and water

Product Preparation:

• Sieve the white or gray cement for uniform particle size and to eliminate agglomerates and lumps.

• Mix 1 part Mondo Skimcoat with 1 part of sieved cement by volume. While mixing Mondo Skimcoat, add the cement by increments until it is evenly distributed resulting in a homogeneous lump-free mixture.

• Use an electric mixer in order to ensure a homogenous lump-free mixture.

• Do not add water while mixing or after the mixture is achieved.


• Light water misting of the concrete surface is recommended before applying the Mondo Skimcoat / cement mixture.

• Use a clean stainless steel trowel.

• Recommended thickness : 0.50-2 mm.

• Coverage :Per 50kg of mixture (25kg Mondo Skim coat + 25kg sieved cement) approximate coverage is 18-20m² if thickness required is 2mm and 38-40m² if the thickness required is 1 mm.

• Allow a minimum of 4 hours depending on the thickness and atmospheric conditions before applying the desired painting system or wallpaper.

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