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Sequence of Painting

Paint your room with less effort. Follow these 5 easy steps of painting to get best results.

sequence of painting
Step 1

a. Paint the ceiling first

b. Next, paint the cornices

c. Then paint the walls

d. Then the woodwork around doors and windows

e. The skirtings come last

This would prevent the paint from the ceiling from ruining other areas to be painted.

Step 2

Edges and corners are some of the hardest areas to paint so begin with them using a brush. Use only a third of the end of a brush in making long and continuous strokes to form straight lines

Step 3

Use a roller or a wide brush for painting the walls. A roller is quicker to use than a wide brush and it also gives the best finish. On the first wall, start painting from the top right hand corner using up and down strokes, overlapping as you move from one area to another.

Step 4

It is ideal to apply two or more coats of paint. Before painting another coat of paint, always wait for the previous coat to dry first. The amount of time required for the each coat of paint to dry should be on the paint can.

Step 5

After painting, wash all tools used immediately. Use thinner or turpentine for oil-based paint. Use water for emulsion paint.

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