Davies Color Factory

Davies Color Factory

Introducing, the Davies Color Factory Machine, the first and only fully computerized paint mixing service in the Philippines. A state-of-the-art one stop shop that offers in a push of button all the colors you want, instantly and accurately. With over 7,000 ready to mix colors to choose from Nova and Moodscape color softwares. Plus international color standards like RAL of Germany, British Standard of UK and NCS of Europe.

Davies Color Factory also offers a free consultancy service for your painting needs like color combinations and required paint volume. Eliminate time consuming hit or miss trials and errors with consistent color accuracy. The colors you have in your mind are the colors you get.

Now you can have all the colors of life. Make a change and let Davies breathe life into your homes.

About Davies Paints

Davies Paints is the Philippines' no. 1 paint exporter. We continue to expand our reach and find new ways to innovate and ensure only the best possible quality in our diverse range of products.