About Davies Paints Philippines

Core Values

1. Innovation
We aim to invest in new technology and color innovation to produce quality products that are at par with global standards, while striking a balance between environmental needs and excellent performance in quality and function.

2. Value
We provide our efficient team members with a positive working environment and opportunities for career and personal growth.

3. Relationship
We recognize that making a good product involves understanding the needs of our consumers. We put the concerns of the everyday person at the forefront in developing our paints to create products that deliver long-term satisfaction.

Our customers choose Davies Paints as the company that provides them quality products and superior service. We value this trust invested in us and strive to give back to the community and society through our practices and development system.

4. Sustainability
We advocate for environmental protection and community development. We have been recognized for our commitment towards achieving international standards in quality and environmental performance, as well as for our sustainable practices.

We keep our products are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) compliant and manufacture them in innovative ways that prevent pollution, reduce energy consumption, and cut waste disposal costs.

About Davies Paints

Davies Paints is the Philippines' no. 1 paint exporter. We continue to expand our reach and find new ways to innovate and ensure only the best possible quality in our diverse range of products.